Saturday, January 28, 2006

How to Make an Instant Dark Age

The ultimate end of power...
US digital ambition

And, in a grand finale, the document recommends
that the United States should seek the ability to
"provide maximum control of the entire
electromagnetic spectrum".

US forces should be able to "disrupt or destroy
the full spectrum of globally emerging
communications systems, sensors, and weapons
systems dependent on the electromagnetic spectrum".

Consider that for a moment.

The US military seeks the capability to knock
out every telephone, every networked computer,
every radar system on the planet.

Are these plans the pipe dreams of self-
aggrandising bureaucrats? Or are they real?

The fact that the "Information Operations
Roadmap" is approved by the Secretary of Defense
suggests that these plans are taken very
seriously indeed in the Pentagon.

And that the scale and grandeur of the digital
revolution is matched only by the US military's
ambitions for it.


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