Tuesday, March 14, 2006

More on The New World Disorder

Many will tell you that it's a New World Order.

Do you really believe that?

What Spengler fails to make clear in this article
is that chaos can not be contained to just the area
outside of US borders.

It's contagious.
What compulsion requires the US to wage
"holistic and ideological wars of the past", in
Hanson's words, "such as those waged against
Italians, Germans, Japanese, Koreans, and
Vietnamese, where we not only sought to defeat
entire belief systems, but to stay on and craft a
stable government in the hopes of stamping out
fascism, Nazism, militarism, or communism"? One
can suppress the putrefactive power of chaos, but
it will reassert itself. A fifth to a half of the
constituent nations of the former Soviet Union
and Warsaw Pact will die out by mid-century,
about as many as would have died in all-out
nuclear war.

Better the former, wouldn't you say?
Part of America's impulse is Christian. "The
West cannot endure without faith that a loving
Father dwells beyond the clouds that obscure his
throne. Horror - the perception that cruelty has
no purpose and no end - is lethal to the West," I
wrote in Horror and humiliation in Fallujah
(April 27, 2004). By contrast, "The Islamic world
cannot endure without confidence in victory, that
to 'come to prayer' is the same thing as to ;come
to success'. Humiliation - the perception that
the ummah cannot reward those who submit to it -
is beyond its capacity to endure." The Western
god of agape and chesed does not castigate
without reason; the Muslim god of sovereignty and
power does not withhold reward for service
performed without reason.

I'll be damned if I can make sense of that last,
but, all in all, a good article.