Saturday, April 01, 2006

A revelation

Had an interesting conversation with a
friend of a zombie acquaintance t'other day.

It went like this...

While I was conversing with the zombie's
friend, the zombie continued to blather on while
we were conversing. We both ignored him.
What he was going on about, I have no idea. Like
I said, we ignored him.

What drives some to drivel while others converse
without paying attention to the drivelers?

Why would one be interested in continuing when no
one's listening? (The zombie driveler never
noticed that he was talking only to himself.
They're built that way.)

What would be the point? Why not find something
else to do or someone else who's genuinely
interested in what you had to say? Life is

Some talk or write to just hear or read themselves.
Many will not stop until they have The Last Word.

It's been a long time coming, my revelation:

Ignore anyone who won't converse. They are
irrelevant to you. They're showing that they care
nothing about what you might have to say.

And they will have a piece of you by wearing you
down if you let 'em. (Pols, lawyers, doctors
teachers and other "experts" from afar are pros
at this.)

Why let them?

They're easy to ignore. Takes little effort but
considerable concentration.

Let them have the last word while you ignore them
or continue your conversation with someone who is
interested in listening then responding on the
current topic.

Is there any sense in trying to get across to the
yakkers to trade, treat or travel? (As far as I
know Heinlein said that first.)

And such is all of life, ain't it.

--This has been another Zombie Alert brought to you by jomama.