Monday, May 15, 2006

Divorce yourself in print...

...before it's too late.

"Too late for what?", she said.

I dunno.

Just think about it.
If, then, nobody is individually responsible for
the acts of the members who pretend to constitute
the pretended "congress," then these members are
nobody's agents. And if they are nobody's agents,
they are themselves individually responsible for
their own acts, and for the acts of all whom they
employ. And the authority they are exercising is
simply their own individual authority; and, by
the law of nature - the highest of all laws -
anybody injured by their acts, anybody who is
deprived by them of his property or his liberty,
has the same right to hold them individually
responsible. He has the same right to resist
them, and their agents, that he has to resist any
other trespassers or offenders.

The whole load.

To any and all present and future idiots acting
on my so-called behalf without my written

I have chosen not to participate a long time ago
in any and all ways I can. I've signed no
agreement including myself in your machinations.
I'm just tending my own potato patch.

I'll have no voluntary dealings or support for
anyone who says he represents me without that
consent. I haven't voted for anyone to do so
and will not vote for any replacement, calling
himself "revolutionary" or by any other
political name.

I speak and act alone.
But when you are intelligent and thoughtful and
you knowingly act to support a system which is
destructive, then you are as guilty as any other
person in that system.

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