Sunday, May 14, 2006

Nacchio says "No" and feels no guilt

Yesterday, Nacchio's image took another turn.
His lawyer, Herbert Stern, said that Nacchio
refused to provide the National Security Agency
with access to private telephone records of Qwest
customers, apparently the lone holdout among the
major phone companies.

The article goes on to describe Nacchio as quite
an ornery fellow. I smell someone's spin here.

I, on the other hand, raise my glass to anyone who
knows how to say such a simple word as "No", a
word whose time has come.

Apparently he's not alone...
Qwest and RCN are likely not alone in shirking
the NSA's request. A February CNET
survey pinpointed 15 large telecommunications and
Internet companies that were willing to say they
had not participated in the program.

Odd turn of phrase, "willing to say". Why not just
say it?

Come on, boys, git up off your tongues and just
spit it out.