Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Horses vs. donkeys

Devlin responded in the comment section in the
previous post:

Wouldn't horses be better? You could ride them
as well as use them as pack animals.

Many make for good, fast transportion. These are
usually skittish beasts, not good for pack
animals. They spook easily. If you need speed,
the horse is fine for personal transportation
when you're in a hurry. Very few are suited to
double duty.

The donkey is usually unflappable. Why do you
think they've been the chosen beasts of cargo
for thousands of years, like free trade has been?

Besides, the donkey is a low-maintenance fellow
with a fine disposition, until he locks all four
feet. Then the stick won't do any good and you
need the carrot. He'll eat just about anything.
Just let him loose. He knows what he wants and how
to get it. See how civilized he is?

Now tell me. What good will the sports car of
animals, the horse, do you in the donkey world
that's coming?

As always, your choice.