Sunday, May 28, 2006

Seeing thru more distractions

Yet more meadow muffins uncovered...

The pol that wrote this must be new to his office.
His head is still screwed on straight. He won't
last long as a whistle-blower so he won't be there
long enough to make a difference.
Who are these gougers? They are the politicians
and bureaucrats in the state and federal
governments. Federal taxes take 18.4 cents of
every gallon of gas. State gas tax is 18 cents a
gallon. The state sales tax adds 22 cents to
every $3.00 gallon of gas. Of course, the amount
of sales tax goes up as the price of gas
increases. Add these together, and the consumer
pays 58.4 cents to the government for every $3.00
gallon of gas. These taxes don’t include the
income taxes paid by oil companies, which last
year was over $108 billion to the federal
government alone.
On average, only 30 cents of every gallon of gas
flows to the oil companies, yet politicians, and
their allies in the press, accuse oil executives
of gouging consumers. One politician in
Sacramento wanted to assess a windfall profits
tax on these oil companies this week, claiming
that oil companies were ripping off consumers.
This same politician did not once mention that
government makes double the amount that oil
companies make off the same gallon of gas on
sales and gas taxes alone. The press dutifully
reported his scapegoat tactics, never once
investigating him for his consumer rip off.

Don’t be fooled by the rhetoric. The real price
gouger in the oil industry is government.

Via Bill St. Clair