Tuesday, May 23, 2006

What almost no one groks

Meanwhile, in an unknown city, deals are being
brokered to see who's gonna be the next Thug in

On the backbenches, the peanut gallery is
yammering about a new and improved partisan
author of Great Change.

Enjoy the circus.
Washington, D.C., has been a combination slave-
market, fencing operation for stolen property,
and street-corner gang long before the current
gang of racketeers took over.
The Democrats will replace the Republicans and
the dream restored. What childish nonsense,
particularly when decades of such supposed
“change” has brought about no more reform than
what was implicit in Frank Chodorov’s
characterization of those “who want to clean up
the whorehouse, but keep the business intact.”
Political “change,” within the confines of the
existing system, has never amounted to anything
more than bringing in a relief pitcher from the
bullpen in an effort to save the game for the
home team.
The bulk of the major media – long thought of
as an aggressive watchdog of the state – has
become, through incestuous inbreeding, little
more than a whining, obedient lapdog.

Of course, there will be those who, weighing
more heavily the rantings of Faux News babblers
over the lessons of history, will be unable to
digest the idea that the American state might
ever go into an entropic collapse. Like relatives
gathered at the bedside of a terminally-ill Uncle
Willie, they will prefer to comfort themselves
with platitudes that he “will be up and around in
no time.” But any system that relies on violence,
lies, distrust, and force of arms to hold itself
together, has little future.

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