Sunday, May 21, 2006

Being prepared

Nowadays we are being told that consumption is
aesthetically displeasing, and that we should
strive to get back to nature, stop driving here
and there, make a compost pile, raise our own
vegetables, unplug our computers, and eat nuts
off trees. This longing for the primitive is
nothing but an attempt to cast a pleasing gloss
on the inevitable effects of socialist policies.
They are telling us to love poverty and hate

As for me, I find consumption pleasing. It
sustains me. I also love plenty and want no part
of poverty, not "longing for the primitive".

On the other hand, I know the "inevitable effects
of socialist polices": The impoverishment of all.

That's why I'm standing here feeding my donkey,
admiring my vegetable patch.

Be kind to the ass that bears you and... prepared for poverty.

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On reading this post, my big bro had this to

Reminds me of the California trendy-precious,
backpacking in the Sierras with down bags,
parkas, exotic light weight pack frames and
rip-stop nylon super tents all the while
talking about how groovy it would be to get
back to the Stone Age - and - when they ran
out of freeze-dried raspberry quiche, they
went home.