Saturday, May 06, 2006

The War of All Against All

Ed. note: Yesterday, WMR (Wayne Madsen Report)
was warned by a reliable European source that
there was unusual access activity detected
regarding our web site. Fifteen minutes later,
our server, which also supports other web sites,
temporarily went down. But we have the identity
of the source of the unusual access activity: the
US Army's 5th Signal Command in Mannheim,
Germany. Two component activities of the 5th
Signal Command -- the 2nd and 7th Signal Brigades
-- appear to be involved in information warfare
operations and influence operations. Note to 5th
Signal Command operators: by hacking into U.S.
computers protected by the First Amendment to the
U.S. Constitution, you are in potential violation
of Federal law (the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act,
Section 1030, US Code, Fraud and related activity
in connection with computers). If your Commanding
Officer, Brig. Gen. Dennis Via, authorizes such
illegal hacking, he is in violation of the law
and it is your duty, pursuant to Army and DoD
regulations, not to obey such illegal orders and
report them to the Army Inspector General -- 1-
(800) 752-9747, 1-(703) 601-1060 or DSN: 329-1060.