Sunday, June 25, 2006

From the mind of Robert Anton Wilson

I love RAW. He keeps my nerves firing and my
chuckle motor working.
Giambatista Vico, "the father of sociology",
suggested in The New Science that Thunder
historically underlies the "god" idea; the Noisy
Thing roaring in the sky , seemingly in rage, had
to be appeased. Sometimes lightning came from
that roaring monster, and sometimes lightning
killed somebody. Hence Zeus bronnton [Zeus the
thunderer], Jupiter, another thunder god; Thor,
Donner, whose very name means thunder; etc....
and Yahweh..... and Allah...... Joyce uses this
god=thunder equation repeatedly in Finnegans Wake
[which drove me to read Vico...]

I have also observed that thunder on the sound-
track -- signalling oncoming tragedy or horror --
appears in films as diverse as those of Orson
Welles, James Whale, Howard Hawks, Wes Craven,
Monty Python etc etc.... Listen for it and note
how bloody often it pops up...... especially in

The monotheistic idea implies a cruel and grumpy
old electric donut surrounding Earth and ever
threatening it.

I think this explains the "structural
unconscious" or inarticulate neurosemantics of
Bozo, Ariel Sharon and Osama bin Laden equally.
They're all heaping up human sacrifices, as at
Stonehenge, to Him Who Thunders From On High.