Sunday, June 18, 2006

She's your Mommy now

...or your Daddy. Take your pick.
In a restaurant I saw a warning at the bottom of
the menu, which I can’t reproduce from memory. It
said something like, “The consumption of raw or
uncooked fish or eggs or whatever can do bad
things of some sort.” Why is this here, I
wondered? Is there anyone on the planet that
doesn’t know this? Was the implication that the
restaurant was likely to serve putrescent food,
requiring a warning to the public? Then why not
close it? Later I saw the same warning on the
menu of The Village bistro, a classy restaurant
in Rosslyn, Virginia, where I have eaten for
years. I concluded that it must be governmentally
mandated mommyism, presumably from brainless
affirmative-action office proles with little to

The Sovietizing of America runs apace. It is not
imaginary. The Department of Homeland Security?
KGB stands for Committee for State Security.

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