Wednesday, June 14, 2006

More peeping planned

A US Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
rule requiring VOIP providers to allow
wiretapping by May 2007 would either require a
massive re-engineering of the Internet or
introduce broad security risks, said authors of a
new study released by the Information Technology
Association of America (ITAA), an IT vendor trade
If the FCC CALEA rules are enforced, all kinds of
Internet applications would be monitored, added
Cerf, also the chief Internet evangelist at
Google. "I don't see any way to constrain or
restrict the target of the intercept to simply
voice, because, in fact, every application would
have to be effectively treated in the same
fashion," he said. "There's no way to tell what
the bits mean in the packets that are flowing."

Does anyone really believe it's possible to
monitor billions of bits a second racing around
the planet to find that proverbial needle?