Saturday, July 01, 2006

The Practice

Fiscally, the state is completely terminal.
There is no way in God’s green acre that the
national debt is ever going to be paid off –
we’re going in completely the wrong direction for
that! And all debts that escalate end up in

So when a statist says to me that we need the
government, or the government should do ‘X’ or
‘Y’, it could be arguable I guess, but it seems
rather… irrelevant. It’s like getting a call from
a man who’s jumped naked out of plane telling you
he needs a parachute. Sure you do. But you
haven’t got one, and it’s far too late to reverse
that now, isn’t it?

The facts are clear, the math is clear, the lack
of political will is clear, the self-interest of
our rulers is clear – the government is dead.
Dead, dead, dead. Sure, might look OK from the
outside, but it’s already starting to smell.

Now that you've seen the results, see the cause.



By the way, the economic collapse of Amerika will
not be reported on the 11 o'clock news.