Friday, October 13, 2006

Donkeys, pigs, Elephants and a king?

But donkeys will think when pigs fly. A Democratic Congress will be as stupid, cowardly, and corrupt as its Republican predecessor;
It's the nature of the beast. He's almost got it.
in reality, both parties are one party, the party of successful career politicians. The White House will continue a lost war in Iraq, solely to dump the mess in the next president's lap. America or Israel will attack Iran, pulling what's left of the temple down on our heads. Congress will do nothing to stop either war.

By 2008, I may not be the only monarchist in America.
Good boy. After you shoot yourself in one foot, try
the other one to see if it feels any better. At least
you won't limp.

But still, a fine Lind rant.

Thanks to Rick.