Sunday, November 26, 2006

Politics and unintended consequences

Politics and its attendant government have been
shown wanting. It's pandemic, this realization.

Most everyone I talk to in daily conversation
believes it, having been beaten black and blue
by it at least in one area of their lives.
It's probably not going to be what is commonly
thought of as a "patriot" that fires the first
shot. It's probably not going to be a political
activist from the left, the right or the center.
Most of us would rather sue you than shoot you,
and most of us have heavily ingrained value
systems which restrain us from outright whacking
some of these noodniks and shooting them where
they stand, although they do deserve it. The
first shooting of the bastards will probably be
by average citizens who tried to comply but were
not allowed to, and whose lives were
overcomplicated by that inability to comply. The
subsequent shootings of the bastards will be by
common criminals who have hated authority all
their lives and find that they can now easily
assassinate an LEO and get away with it.... And
in case you have any doubt . . . when THAT time
comes . . . yes. Me, too. And probably someone
sitting next to you. Maybe your next door
neighbor. Maybe that friendly legislator or
congressman from a neighboring state who believes
in liberty. That bureaucrat who unbeknownst to
you is a secret believer in liberty. That agent
who fancies himself a true patriot and wants to
restore the republic. Maybe even the governor or
the President you just elected, for all you know.

Because we are literally everywhere. And you
don't know who all of us are.

What should you who are tyrants do? It's simple.
Choose life.