Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Timetable of measures...

On this date Reuters news service reported that Washington DC's top officials in Iraq said that Iraqi leaders have assured the United States they will stick to a timetable of measures over the next year to curb violence and allow U.S. troops to go home.

Laugh robustly.

In itself a timetable of measures would be amusing, but to read the related news illuminates the hilariously extensive details of a lack of useful meaning in the sum of those words selected to easily fool gullible news journalists, people who commonly believe journalists, and the government fools who pander the words to fool themselves. The "timetable of measures" was designed to replace the "stay the course" phrase, as an excuse to keep fighting yet another hopeless war because the fighters, inherently including the leaders and supporters, have no intellectual ability to ask any effective questions about the glaring contradictions of fighting a war.