Sunday, November 19, 2006

What is government?

After discussing some of the more talked about
players in The Big Den of Thieves and the various
wings flapping Left and Right, Neil finally gets to
the point below...Whew!

Reading thru the rant I thought of this quote again,
attributed to Peter Medawar:

"What is relevant is what solves the
problem. If we had thought through real
relevancies, we would be on Sirius by now."

This is all that's relevant. Which "wing" has
or is currently flapping isn't:
Government is about stealing; that's all it's about; that's all it's ever been about; that's all it will ever be about. The kind of society government needs most is a society at war with itself, torn by violent crime, crippled by poverty, intellectually and technologically stagnant. A peaceful, prosperous, progressive society is a threat, because it eliminates all the excuses traditionally used to steal from us.

No election is ever going to change that.
And neither will "reform" or another traditional revolution.

Full rant.

Ripped from Uncommon Sense.