Tuesday, November 14, 2006

So you think you're safe from The Master Thieves...

So there you go. For the foreseeable future, my PayPal account will remain locked, I'm afraid. If you want to buy a signed book, you'll need to mail me a check or money order. And I guess I won't be bidding on nearly as many knights on ebay, since so many sellers "prefer PayPal."

If any of you are PayPal users, however, and are accustomed to allowing a significant amount of money to sit around in your account... take it out. Take it out NOW. Your name could turn up on a list as easily as mine did, and then, like me, you'll find yourself cut off from your money with no right of appeal.
See the whole story.


The Power of the Blog? I expect so.
Out of the blue, I have received an email from
PayPal informing me that they have reconsidered
my case and unlocked my account. (Yes, it's true.
I went in right away and got my forty bucks).
Take a look.

News flash by Bill St. Clair