Thursday, January 18, 2007

Anger Is Fruitless

It struck me part way through Mr. Olbermann's articulate tirade (against the insane policies of Mr. Bush and his followers) that his anger was only justified by the fact that he was foolish enough to have believed in the false idea of "proper authority" in the first place. As though Mr. Bush, or anyone, can somehow or other acquire the control and responsibility for the life, choices, and actions of another person, or an entire group of them. Had Olbermann been talking about some raving lunatic spouting insanities at the sky in the middle of a big-city park, I doubt that he would have shown such depth of anger, but rather would have exposed it for what it was, the comedy that is the irrationality of human minds. But no . . . Mr. Olbermann is not amused, he is outraged. I propose that his outrage should more properly be directed inwardly at the one who foolishly relinquished mental responsibility for his own life to another--another who had the arrogance, audacity and chutzpah to claim the wisdom and, more importantly, the "proper authority," to direct the lives of others.
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Ripped from Bill St. Clair