Thursday, October 11, 2007

Are you ready?

...all brought to them by Everyone's Favorite Aberration...

If you don't know what that is by now, you have my
undying pity.
The recent economical crisis in Argentina didn't wait to show its devastating effects: in a few months many companies closed, the acquiring power of money has decreased to less than one third and for many people has become a serious problem to find out the way to survive. Probably the most evident aspect related to this situation is the phenomenon of the cartoneros. With this name are called people (owning, just a few months ago, a normal job) that make a living from collecting paper from the trash bags in Buenos Aires streets and selling it to the recycle industry. An organized community of cartoneros living on the suburbs of Buenos Aires has recently obtained a special train service to go from their town to the downtown districts of the city.
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