Friday, June 27, 2008

On June 25, everything changed and reality entered the room again!

Not holding back at all...and spot on.
For the last couple weeks, my attention has been given to the amusement and desperation behind propaganda, bluffs, and the utter desperation of the USFederal Reserve in the orchestrated rumors of a new position wherein they would soon or eventually raise the official interest rate in order to combat the horrendous price inflation brought about by the falling crippled USDollar. What utter nonsense! To hear that the investment community actually accepted and embraced this notion was laughable on its face, and served as continued evidence that the loose collection of investors, speculators, and observers simply cannot wake up reality despite the events that began last August 2007 when the mortgage debacle ripped the banking system wide open with gaping wounds. The USFed needs to arrest the falling USDollar, no doubt. But it cannot. The USFed needs to stem the price inflation, no doubt. But it cannot. This parasite central banker organization has its own track record of inflation boom & bust, complete with profound destruction. The USFed does not control the shallow and ineffective USGovt policies on ethanol, trade sanctions, geopolitical isolation, crackdown on oil speculators, and delay for actual mortgage bailout programs. The USGovt collectively is responsible for the chronic budget deficits and huge USTreasury Bond sales every year. The USMilitary is the largest single non-govt user of gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel in the world, yet nobody seems to point a finger at endless war as another reason why the crude oil price is high.

The US Federal Reserve oversees the sequences of credit explosions, fails in its rational regulation, orders hidden subsidies to Wall Street banks, justifies the colossal inflation permitted, and under-writes the last bubble bust with more liquidity. It fails to comprehend that the sequence has gutted the national economy. The ongoing drama must be watched closely. The USFed on Wednesday was laid bare in its legless weakness and incapacity. They revealed they are in a corner, trapped, stuck in an unresolvable dilemma. Its propaganda was stripped. Its bluffs were called and they blinked. Its desperation is vividly and tragically clear. Enough on these guys, these charlatans, these improperly revered destructive parasites on the body economic!
The Matrix is dead.

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