Tuesday, May 17, 2005

What will they name this revolution?

"We are not going to overthrow the government.
We demand economic freedom," Egomov told The
Associated Press. "If the army is going to storm,
if they’re going to shoot, we are ready to die
instead of living as we are living now. The Uzbek
people have been reduced to living like dirt,"
Egomov said.

The trial, which has provoked some of the
angriest demonstrations yet against the
authoritarian government, is part of a broad
government crackdown on religious dissent.

Thousands of Muslims have been jailed in
Uzbekistan over the past few years in a
government campaign that critics say has affected
many innocent believers and only inflamed anger
against Karimov’s harsh rule.

Let's see. Where have we seen something similar
before? Iraq? No, that was about the WMD that was
never found, wasn't it?

Maybe it was really about economic freedom.

I'm mightly confused.

Funny thing here. Have you ever heard of anyone
asking for more economic freedom?

Bummints...making enemies under every rock, and finding 'em.
Uzbeks in recent weeks have shown increasing
willingness to challenge their leadership,
apparently bolstered by the March uprising in
Kyrgyzstan that drove out President Askar Akayev
and by the so-called Orange and Rose Revolutions
in Ukraine and Georgia. Shakirov told the AP that
the jailbreak was triggered by news that security
services on Thursday had started rounding up
people who had been involved in a sit-in outside
the court where the trial was taking

Welcome to the New World Disorder, brought to you
by the very people determined to have Order.


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