Saturday, June 11, 2005

Examining the truly mentally ill

chumpfish posted a url to this just recently
and asked, "Which ones?"

Well, I thought about it a while and I'm gonna
give my answer.

25% of Americans mentally ill, says
government-sponsored study

by Rick Weiss, Washington Post

June 7, 2005

One-quarter of all Americans met the criteria
for having a mental illness within the past year,
and fully a quarter of those had a "serious"
disorder that significantly disrupted their
ability to function day-to-day, according to the
largest and most detailed survey of the nation's
mental health, published Monday.

Anyone that goes about beating killing, maiming,
looting and raping other folks just minding their
own business needs, at minimum, some serious
mental health treatment.

Which institutional members does that point to?
(If you're new to this blog, and you don't know,
stick around and find out.)
Although parallel studies in 27 other countries
are not yet complete, the new numbers suggest that
the United States is poised to rank No. 1 for mental
illness globally, researchers said.

Anyone besides me like to see some of the numbers
'not yet in'?

Some 'study'.
"We lead the world in a lot of good things, but
we're also leaders in this one particular domain
that we'd rather not be," said Ronald Kessler,
the Harvard professor of health-care policy who
led the effort, called the National Comorbidity
Survey Replication.

Notice how this professor includes himself in this
nut-bin by using the word 'we'. Part of the problem,
ain't he. See if you could get him to admit it.
"The system has to get its act together to get
its quality of care up," Kessler said.

Again, 'the system' is a granfalloon and this
nut-case doesn't even know it.
The survey, conducted by the University of
Michigan, included 9,282 households selected at
random in 34 states. Nearly 300 trained
interviewers traveled some 8 million miles over a
year and a half. They knocked on doors at all
hours of the day and night to ensure they would
not systematically miss alcohol abusers who spend
their days at bars, people with depression who
can go weeks hardly able to pull themselves out
of bed, and people with social phobia who only
rarely answer the doorbell.

There's that 'social phobia' again, describing
folks that just wanna be left the fuck alone.

These Bright Sparks just spent $20 million of your
dollars, in a veiled attempt to get more of your
tax dollars, looking for wackos in all the wrong
places, to pay a bunch of other ding-bats
(shrinks) who feel left off the Cosmic Nipple.

"How's that?", you say.

Look for subsidies for shrinks in the next National
Health Care Bill.

The Institutionalized Ones mentioned at the
beginning of this piece (a few of those will be
drawing up the bill) will once again be overlooked.