Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Quantum Vacuum - Part III - Paradigm Shift

In fact, despite all the positive attributes of
the rapidly developing technologies, massive
resistance is almost guaranteed. There is a
fundamental resistance to change, what Eric
Hoffer termed The Ordeal of Change. Add to this
inbred resistance to change, the enormous power
of vested interests to maintain the status quo at
all costs, and one has the ultimate bifurcation
From stability and near equilibrium,
spontaneous events will be proceeding to chaos
and, eventually, to a new, unknowable re-
organization. It may not be pretty, but it’s
going to be exciting!

After reading that you probably thought it's a
rendering of what happens to government at some
bifurcation point.

No, this is all about the coming unlimited energy
tapped from the quantum vacuum.

When (not if) that happens, everything will be
stood on its head, including our way of living.

Think about it.

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