Thursday, December 01, 2005

The Problem...

Unpatched IE Flaw Is Worse Than Expected
Last week was shortened by the Thanksgiving
holiday, and it seemed the malware guys took it
off as well. There was not much going on of
recent origin, and the biggest blip on the
security radar was the realization by the
security community that an Internet Explorer
problem first identified six months ago was a lot
worse than it appeared.

The realization caused Secunia to issue a rare
"Extremely Critical" advisory. Once thought just
to be a DoS vulnerability, it turns out that it
also allows execution of arbitrary code.


The Solution...

Get the new Firefox 1.5 or some other browser.
Firefox 1.5 has been enhanced in several key

User Experience

• New "drag and drop" feature for tabbed
browsing helps to better organize page viewing.
• Improved pop-up blocker screens users from
more unwanted pop-up ads.
• New reference search engine is
now included in the integrated Search box.
• Improved Live Bookmarks feature enables
easier discovery of and subscription to RSS feeds.
• Improved Options interface makes it easier
to adjust browser settings.
“Firefox has connected with the global community
of Web users because it delivers a fast, easy,
modern browsing experience”, said Sergey Brin, co-
founder of Google. “Google continues to support
the growth of Firefox because of the strong
alignment between our mission to organize the
world’s information and make it useful, and
Mozilla’s principled approach to developing great

“Firefox 1.5 represents the tireless efforts of
our global community of developers and consumer
advocates, who continue to work to make the Web
experience better for everyone,” said Baker.

Firefox 1.5 is now available as a free download
from here