Friday, April 07, 2006

A little light in a black hole

Pay up now or risk the punishment of a black
hole. There is no light at tunnels end when you
finance your own termination.
“Tax Tyranny” is a
means to provide the functional accounting that
pays off the co-conspirators that unleash the
energy force of darkness on a country of blinded
serfs. All that changes is the intensity of the
vigor used to extract the last pound of flesh
from your bone. As the real percentage rate of
across-the-board exaction rises with each year,
the closer to poverty you approach. The dream
for an independent society has long been dead.
What remains is mere life support for comatose
citizens. [My emphasis]

Save your fingers typing about some new and
improved savior or other who will tax only The
Other Guy...or for only what you want to pay for
...or for some Grand New Tax Plan.

You'll find out sooner or later what a waste of
effort and counterproductive that was.