Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Screeching in the veldt

The late philosopher Robert Nozick pointed out
that when people compare themselves to one
another, they are disposed to feel one of two
emotions -- guilt or envy. Guilt when someone has
a lower station than you; envy when someone has a
higher station than you. I would add a third to
this mix: indignation. That's when you compare
someone of a higher station to someone of a lower
station, and feel that something is wrong. I
refer to this complex of emotional responses to
unequal life-stations as the "Stone Age Trinity."
Given the tremendous good that is brought about
by self-interested market exchange, it seems
we'll have to teach ourselves time-and-again the
intellectual lessons of prosperity in a complex
economic order. We will also have to fight turf
wars with those who think the sentiments of Stone
Age Trinity can be wrapped up in intellectual
claptrap (like Marxism), force fed to our
students in the ivory towers, sold to us on the
evening news, or foisted upon us inside marble

Listen closely.

Do you hear that screeching in the veldt?

Those are our ancestors longing for our return.

Highly recommended.

Via nusapiens