Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Revolution has Begun...

...and you won't see it on the 11:00 o'clock news.

This can go far beyond workers and wages.

Use your imagination.

The added advantage, at this point, is that the real
value of those wages is increasing for the holder
not counting the taxes saved. (See gold and silver
prices) The latter will give you a 42% raise instantly.
The headline was, "IRS Suffers Staggering Defeat". In short, the guy paid his employees with old silver dimes, silver dollars and old gold U.S. coins according to their face value. Thus, he could pay his workers with silver dimes, silver quarters, silver dollars and gold coins, and thus the employee made so little money (according to the face value of the coins) that they fell below minimum income reporting thresholds, and thus no income tax was due.

Mr. Rense explains, "In other words, if a worker is paid with such coins, his taxable 'income' (if any) can only be the face value indicated upon the coin money paid - i.e., $1.00 for a circulating silver dollar or $50 for a circulating gold U.S. coin."
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Thanks to Rick White.