Saturday, October 13, 2007

What Debates?

Ron’s [Paul] situation is not unlike that of the high-school student, Tammy, in the 1999 movie Election. It is time for school elections to be held and Tammy, a noticeable outsider at this school, decides to run for the meaningless job of school president. At a school assembly, each candidate encourages students to vote for them for all the vacuous reasons that have become synonymous with modern politics. Tammy, on the other hand, tells the students: “The only promise that I will make is that if I’m elected I will immediately disband the student government so that nobody will ever have to sit through one of these stupid assemblies again!” Virtually the entire student body emits a loud cheer on her behalf. When the assembly is over, the school administrators retire to the principal’s office and decide that Tammy’s name must be removed from the ballot; that her views are too disruptive.
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