Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Wages of Force

To the socialist, the human is a bit of protoplasm which
can be shaped by his environment. Therefore, having decided
on his ideal, he proceeds to manufacture the environmental
mold into which he shall pour this protoplasm.
The principal feature of this mold is the elimination of the
institution of private property; this institution, the socialist
maintains, is the cause of man's fall from grace. If he finds
difficulty in inducing the human to relinquish his interest
in private property, the socialist does not ascribe this reluctance
to a human instinct, but rather blames it on his
previous conditioning; he has been trained for so long to
look upon the possession of the fruits of his labor as desirable
that he cannot conceive of the blessings of relinquishing
possession to society. To put this concept into his
mind, it is necessary to forcibly take from him all he produces
until at long last he will be re-conditioned to the
new ideal. Force, therefore, is the necessary instrument of
all forms of socialism. -- Frank Chodorov
Earthmonkey is a primitive animal, is he not, being
pissed on as he is.

The quote above found in the online book Out of Step
downloadable here. (pdf, 272 pages)

Ripped from Montag.

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