Thursday, December 15, 2005

How free speech was quietly abolished in the UK

First, they arrest a woman for reciting the
names of British troops killed in Iraq in an
otherwise peaceful protest near the Cenotaph.
Maya Evans, who had fallen foul of a clause in
the Serious and Organised Crime and Police Act,
was duly convicted last week, given a conditional
discharge and left with a criminal record.

Then, an author taking part in a broadcast
discussion about gay adoptions was telephoned by
a policewoman and informed that her name had been
noted following a complaint that she had made a
"homophobic" remark on air. Lynette Burrows had
offered her opinion that two homosexual men
should not be allowed to adopt a boy, which is a
view with which you may agree or disagree, but
does not warrant a call from the local

Next will bloggers soon be required to register
with the local constabulary and anything radical
posted will be punished?

You do see what's coming, don't you.

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Via whatreally happened