Thursday, April 13, 2006

NSA concerned over computer phone service

Ever noticed how much "concern" is in the air
nowadays? Why, it's an epidemic.

"Concern" and a cupla bucks'll get you a beer in
many places around the planet.
EBay, the online auction house, last year
purchased Skype, an online service that lets
people converse through their computers. Its 75
million users place voice calls over the
Internet. The calls sound clear. They are free,
because phone carriers aren't used. And because
of the Internet's diffused architecture and its
facility for privacy, Skypesters' identities,
their locations, and the substance of their
conversations can be undetectable.

Not "can be", "are" undetectable.
Skype and other widely used Internet
communications devices, including e-mail,
threaten the NSA's ability to gather intelligence
and to do so legally, National Journal

Get Skype today. It's free and easy to use.

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