Friday, May 19, 2006

The world after the dollar collapses

...On our way to a post-collapse, post-dollar
world, Asia will likely transition from a de jure
dollar standard to a de facto gold standard...

I'd say the man's right, de facto being the key
word: from the ground up. Any tinkering by any
institution or government, supporting or
restricting in any way, would be sure to produce
more chaos in the transistion. That's how we got
here, after the US government backed the US dollar
with gold...then reneged.

Therefore, bank on some institution backing gold.
Chaos is what they do best, always trying to fix
that which isn't broken or that which is broken
beyond repair.

Full essay.

Via Sunni


Sunni tells me the link didn't come from her.

Now I don't remember where it came from. Apologies
to the one slighted.

But go take a look at Sunni's site anyway. It's
well worth it.